Mark Roemke Ninja Kids training

Ninja Kids and Youth

In the Pathways Ninja Kids program, children ages 4–7 learn confidence-boosting skills and self-discipline while training their bodies. Classes instill values of respect for oneself and others, self-control, patience, cooperation, and many other character-building attributes. Basic striking and body movement skills, as well as basic weapons work, is the focus of the curriculum, which is regulated through a skills-based ranking system. Energetic and fun ninja drills will keep the children active and engaged throughout the class.

Youth Program:

Children ages 8–14 are ready for a more disciplined curriculum based on a formal ranking system similar to the adult classes. Fun and challenging drill work, designed to build strength, endurance, body control, and skills, continues to be emphasized and expanded upon. A wider array of weapons will be introduced, with a focus on the range, purpose, technique, and safety aspects of each weapon.


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