Tyler Cole, Doctor of Chinese Medicine



Tyler began learning Tai Chi and Shaolin in 1984 starting on a path toward the understanding of internal kung fu or neigong.  Included in Tyler’s studies are the classic and treasured martial arts systems of Xing Yi Chuan and Bagua Zhang.  His practice of kung fu led to the use of traumatology which prompted a pursuit of both physical and spiritual medicine.

In 1999 Tyler began study in Chinese medicine at The International Institute of Medical Qigong “I.I.M.Q.” In 2008 Tyler began his training in daoism from the Zheng Yi school of ancient chinese mysticism at the Temple of the Celestial Cloud.  Tyler is an 81st generation disciple and daoist priest of Mao Shan (Shang Qing) daoism. and a 66th generation disciple and daoist priest of Long Hu Shan (Tian Shi) daoism.

In 2012 Tyler earned a doctorate degree in Medical Qigong Therapy from the International Institute of Medical Qigong meeting all the requirements of the doctoral program of the Beijing Western District Medical Qigong Science and T.C.M. research institute.  

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