A confident child is a Bullyproof child. At some point or another, every child will be targeted by a bully. The Gracie Bullyproof objective is to give your child the physical, psychological, and verbal tools to overcome bullies.

Our aim is not to encourage confrontation, but rather, to reduce fear and build confidence in order to reduce your child’s risk of being targeted.


Gracie Bullyproof is a 12-month program

Monthly Classes





Monthly Tuition






Price Per Class





Add-on Classes

$20 for each add-on class. 



(5-7 Years Old)

We don’t teach jiu-jitsu, we play jiu-jitsu!

Using our time-tested “Gracie Games,” we are able to teach the Little Champs a series of basic self-defense techniques while instilling the foundational principles of leverage and control. Once a child perfects all 10 Gra 


(8-14 Years Old)

Ultimate confidence for uncertain times!

In the Jr. Grapplers’ program, we focus on 33 non- violent self-defense techniques, which teach children to “control and negotiate” with the bullies, rather than resort to violent strikes. Verbal assertiveness strategies also play a huge part in this program.


(Invitation Only)

If they have the fire, we’ll feed it!

Children who perfect the Jr. Grapplers’ techniques and demonstrate exceptional focus and discipline are invited to join the Black Belt Club. This is our most advanced kids’ program and joining the Club is the highest honor for any youth practitioner. 

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