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At Pathways Dojo, we believe that the path towards transformation and self-improvement is an integral part of both the martial arts and the healing arts. The name “Pathways” grew out of the desire to fuse these arts and support the many paths to self-growth. 

Mission Statement

The mission of Pathways Dojo is to encourage and guide individuals toward their fullest potential physically, mentally,and spiritually. Through the discipline, depth, and dynamism of the martial arts, we seek to provide quality instruction and products that are geared towards the development of these essential human elements. Our programs are designed for individuals across a broad spectrum of capability, from children, to fitness and law enforcement professionals, to those simply seeking greater confidence and the knowledge of self-awareness and self-defense. Above all, we strive to accomplish our goals within a safe environment where patience, community, and mutual respect are core values.

Pathways Dojo History

Pathways Dojo began in early 2013 with the intention of creating a dojo (school) that would combine the martial and healing arts under one roof. Our vision—to emphasize the healing arts in conjunction with the martial arts—stems from a desire to accentuate a more holistic approach to the warrior stereotype. We realized that, especially in the context of a modern society, the path towards self-improvement was a necessary developmental goal of both of these arts.

Training began with Ninjutsu classes (the art of the ninja) and Qi Gong, as well as workshops and private studies in various arts. Classes were held in several different locations until, after a lengthy search for a permanent home, Pathways settled in its current location in early 2015. In our new location we have a large, fully padded training space and a smaller room for healing arts and private instruction. In addition to our programs in Ninjutsu and Qi Gong, we are now a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Certified Training Center.

We have also developed an exciting new Ninjas in Nature program designed to get adults and children out into nature, training in martial arts, bushcraft, nature awareness, and traditional survival skills. Our Ninjas in Nature training takes place in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains.

As Pathways Dojo continues to grow, we remain true to our mission: to help all individuals on their path toward their personal best. 







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Santa Cruz Bujinkan Ninjutsu Classes

What Our Students Say

  • The Ninjutsu classes have taught me balance and patience. My confidence is stronger and I no longer feel afraid at school. – Joseph, 9 yrs.

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