Ninjas in Nature Youth Training

Knife Safety Pathway

After completing the NiN Basics Pathway, we recommend starting here next. Most of our curricular Pathways involve use of a knife for making Ancient Ninja Tools or survival skills. We do a lot of woodworking. Completing the skills of the Knife Safety Pathway helps ensure safe use and provides a foundation for knife use to follow. For parents/guardians, these are great skills to practice alongside your ninja.



What we cover in this training

  • 6 knife safety practices
  • How to sharpen a knife
  • Woodworking basics using a knife including carving techniques

What you get with this training membership

  • Access to training videos
  • A checklist of skills
  • Links to our preferred knife and whetstone (for sharpening)
  • Access to purchase the Knife Safety Patch upon completion

For youth participating in this training, we require the supervision of an adult for safety.

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