Ninja Youth (Ages 7 and Up) - 1st Kyu - 9th Level

Learn The Art of the Ninja With Your Kids

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  • Taught by Ninjutsu 15th Dan Shihan Mark Roemke.
  • Designed for kids 7 years and older.
  • Graduate to Ninja Adult Course after completing this series.

Junan Taiso (Body Conditioning)
Push-ups: 40
Sit-ups: 40
Flutter Kicks: 40
Ups and Down: 30
Jumping Jacks: 30
Wall Squats: 1 min. Unassisted Squat Hold: 1 min.
Tiger Crawl: 2X across dojo
Tiger Crawl Moving Backward 2X across Dojo
Belly Crawl: 2X across dojo
Belly Crawl Moving Backward 2X across Dojo
Tai Jutsu (Body Skills)
Tobi (Leaping and Jumping)
Kaiten (Rolling)
Tai Sabaki (Body Evasion)
Aruki (Walking)
Shoten no Jutsu (Ascending to the Heavens)
Noburi Gata (Climbing Techniques)
Ukemi (Breakfall)
Ken Tai Ichi Jo (The Body and Fist Move as One)
Kamae (Postures)

Dakentaijutsu and Jujitsu (Striking, Blocking, and Grappling)
Ken (Fists)
San Shin no Kata (Element Forms)
Kihon Happo (Fundamental 8 Techniques)
Koshi Kihon Sanpo
Torite Goho Gata
Tehodoki (Wrist and Arm Escapes)
Tai hodoki (Body Escapes)
Nage Waza (Throwing Techniques)
Yoko Nagare (Sideways Flow)
Tachi Nage Uzi Maki (Standing Throw)
Koshi Nage (Hip Throw)
Gyaku Waza (Reversal Techniques)
Hon Gyaku (Base Reversal)

Kyusho (Pressure Points)
Gorin (5 points around the belly button)
Omote Kimon (Upper Pectoral)

Zanshin (Awareness)
Quiet sitting with eyes closed: 10 mins.

Hanbo (3’ – 4’ Staff / Half Staff)
Kamae (Postures)
Bo (6’ Staff / Full Staff)
Kamae (Postures)
Katana (Samurai Sword)
Kamae (Postures)
Sword Form
Kusari Fundo (3’ Chain or Rope)

Nature Skills
First Aid
Basic care of superficial cuts and sprains.
Time, Space, and Energy:

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Ninja Kids

Waza (Fighting Forms)
Gyokko-Ryu Kosshijutsu (The Jeweled Tiger School)
Sakketsu (Killing Squeeze)
Uke comes from behind and does a bear hug. Drop your body weight and dig into Uke’s kyusho on the back of Uke’s hand to break the grip. Grab Uke’s hands and open them up. Let go of Uke’s right hand and step to the left while striking Uke with a right Fudo Ken to Uke’s Asagasumi. Immediately wrap your right arm under and around Uke’s arm and take him down in Ganseki Otoshi

Yubi Kudaki (Killing the Finger)
Uke approaches from behind and grabs your collar from behind with a right hand. Place your right hand on top of Uke’s hand and rotate counterclockwise dropping low and striking Uke’s Sui Getsu with a back fist or Shuki Ken. Continue under Uke’s arm grabbing Uke’s small fingers of his right hand and press with your left hand into Uke’s right Nagare. Turn Uke’s right arm into a Hon Gyaku and throw. Finish with a Sokuaku Ken to Uke’s Butsumetsu.

Koto-Ryu Koppojutsu (The Tiger Knocking Down School)
Batsugi (Horse Power)
Uke grabs your lapel with the right hand. Take Uke’s grabing hand with your left hand in Omote Gyaku and strike with a right Goshintan Ken to Uke’s face. Pull Uke’s hand from your lapel and start the Omote Gyaku and strike Uke’s Jakin with a Shuki Ken. Finish with the Omote Gyaku.

Shato (Warrior Blade)
Uke grabs your lapel with the right hand. Check Uke’s grabbing hand. Uke steps with the left foot and does a left Jodan Tsuki. Do a right Fudo Ken to Uke’s right Jakin, then slide the right foot forward and strike with a right Ura Shuto to Uke’s Kasumi. Then kick to Uke’s Suzu to finish.
Togakure-Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu (The Hidden Door School)

Konpi (Crossbar Leap)
Uke comes in with a right Jodan Tsuki. Move the body to Uke’s outside and execute a right Ura Shuto to Uke’s Uko. Immediately turn to the left and do a Hicho Kaiten to escape.

Kappi (Bracing Leap)
Uke comes in with a right Jodan Tsuki. Move the body to Uke’s outside and deliver a right Ura Shuto to Uke’s right Uko, followed by a left Ura Shuto to Uke’s left Uko. Perform a Koho Tobi immediately.