Ninja Youth (Ages 7 and Up) - 3rd Kyu - 7th Level

Learn The Art of the Ninja With Your Kids

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  • Taught by Ninjutsu 15th Dan Shihan Mark Roemke.
  • Designed for kids 7 years and older.
  • Graduate to Ninja Adult Course after completing this series.

Video Contents

Junan Taiso (Body Conditioning)
Push-ups: 25
Sit-ups: 40
Flutter Kicks: 30
Ups and Down: 25
Jumping Jacks: 30
Wall Squats: 1 min. Unassisted Squat Hold: 45 seconds
Tiger Crawl: 2X across dojo
Tiger Crawl Moving Backward 2X across Dojo
Belly Crawl: 2X across dojo
Belly Crawl Moving Backward 2X across Dojo

Tai Jutsu (Body Skills)
Tobi (Leaping and Jumping)
Kaiten (Rolling)
Shikko (Knee Walking)
Tai Sabaki (Body Evasion)
Aruki (Walking)
Shoten no Jutsu (Ascending to the Heavens)
Noburi Gata (Climbing Techniques)
Ukemi (Breakfall)
Ken Tai Ichi Jo (The Body and Fist Move as One)
Kamae (Postures)

Dakentaijutsu and Jujitsu (Striking, Blocking, and Grappling)
Hidden Strikes
Ken (Fists)
Shizen Ken (Natural Fist)
Geri Kudaki
San Shin no Kata (Element Forms)
Kihon Happo (Fundamental 8 Techniques)
Koshi Kihon Sanpo
Torite Goho Gata
Ganseki Nage
Tehodoki (Wrist and Arm Escapes)
Tai hodoki (Body Escape)
Hair and Clothing Escapes
Nage Waza (Throwing Techniques)
Seoi Nage (Shoulder Throw)
Temakura (Hand Pillow)
Gyaku Waza (Reversal Techniques)
Ura & Omote Take Ori (Inside and Outside Breaking the Bamboo)
Omote Oni Kudaki (Outside Demon Crusher)

Kyusho (Pressure Points)
Butsumetsu (Rear of floating ribs)
Ryumon (Above the collar bone where it meets the shoulder)
Zanshin (Awareness)
Quiet sitting with eyes closed: 7 mins.

Hanbo (3’ – 4 ‘ Staff / Half Staff)
Bo (6’ Staff / Full Staff)
Kamae (Postures)
Jodan no Kamae (Upper Level Posture)
Chudan no Kamae (Middle Level Posture)
Seigan no Kamae (Correct Eye Posture)
Hira no Kamae (Flat Posture)
Hira Ichimonji no Kamae (Flat Figure #1 Posture)
Forward Spin
Backward Spin
Side to Side Spin
Movement While Spinning
Using the Length of the Bo
Hidden Strikes
Turn Uke to Omote and Ura shape
Hidden Grappling with Bo

Nature Skills
First Aid
Basic care of stings, scratches, and scrapes.
Build fire, carve a roasting stick, and roast food of choice over fire.
Animal Forms: Baseline movement of a deer
Time, Space, and Energy
Make 3 feet of natural cordage.
Collect / Make a tinder bundle.

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Ninja Kids

Waza (Fighting Forms)
Gyokko-Ryu Kosshijutsu (The Jeweled Tiger School)
Koku (Empty Sky)
Uke and you both start in left Ichimonji no Kamae. Uke does a Jodan Uke. You step slightly forward and counterclockwise with an upper block to Uke’s wrist followed by a secondary attack to with an Omote Shuto to Uke’s wrist. Uke does a right kick to your midsection. Do a Yoko Aruki to the left to dodge kick, right crossing over the left. Uncoil and kick up with your left leg into Uke’s kicking leg. Finish with a double Boshi Ken to Uke’s Butsumetsu.

Dan Shu (Springing Hand)
Starting in Shizen no Kamae, Uke grabs your arm and does a left punch. Step back 45 deg. to the left while doing an upper block. Bounce your blocking hand down onto Uke’s right Nagare, then quickly bounce the same hand up to Uke’s Uko. Finish with a right Sokuyaku Ken to Uke’s left knee.
u Koppojutsu (The Tiger Knocking Down School)

Yokuto (Eagles Blade)
Uke grabs you with a right hand. Deliver a quick snap Zenpo Geri to Uke’s Suzu, and at the same time drive a right BoshiKen to Uke’s throat. Then step in with the left foot and do a left Happa Ken to Uke’s Asagasumi.

Koyoku (Resistance)
Uke does a right Jodan Tsuki. Do a left Jodan Uke without stepping. Do a right Boshi Ken to Uke’s Butsumetsu while the left arm stays with the block. Shift weight to the left leg and step forward with the right foot, keeping close to Uke’s body as your left hand drops under Uke’s arm. Step left foot through with or without a step and throw Uke with a Ganseki Nage or Seio Nage
Togakure-Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu (The Hidden Door School)

Ashisabaki (Energy Footwork 1)
Parry the right fist of Uke. Move your body and put your left foot by Uke’s right foot. Hit Uke so as to push against Uke’s right leg with your left knee. Use Sokki Ken with your left knee into Uke’s Yaku.

Ashisabaki (Energy Footwork 2)
Move to the outside of Uke’s right Jodan Tsuki. Advance your right leg to coil around Uke’s right lead leg so that your foot points towards Uke’s inside. With that foot sweep Uke’s leg. Use the technique of Shinobi Aruki to move into place.