Ninja Youth (Ages 7 and Up) - 5th Kyu - 5th Level

Learn The Art of the Ninja With Your Kids

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  • Taught by Ninjutsu 15th Dan Shihan Mark Roemke.
  • Designed for kids 7 years and older.
  • Graduate to Ninja Adult Course after completing this series.

Junan Taiso (Body Conditioning)
Push-ups: 25
Sit-ups: 35
Flutter Kicks: 25
Ups and Down: 25
Jumping Jacks: 25
Wall Squats: 1 min. Unassisted Squat Hold: 30 seconds
Tiger Crawl: 2X across dojo
Belly Crawl: 2X across dojo
Belly Crawl Moving Backward 1X across Dojo

Tai Jutsu (Body Skills)
Tobi (Leaping and Jumping)
1 Parkour vault
Kaiten (Rolling)
Parkour Safety Roll
Zenpo to Koho Kaiten (Forward into Backward Roll)
Jun Nagashi (Turning Flow)
Tai Sabaki (Body Evasion)
Aruki (Walking)
Yoko Aruki (Cross Stepping)
Shinobi Aruki (Stealth walking)
Shoten no Jutsu (Ascending to the Heavens)
Noburi Gata (Climbing Techniques)
Climbing natural objects
Ukemi (Breakfall)
Ken Tai Ichi Jo (The Body and Fist Move as One)
Kamae (Postures)
Kosei no Kamae (Aggressive Posture)
Ihen no Kamae (Changing Posture)

Dakentaijutsu and Jujitsu (Striking, Blocking, and Grappling)
Tobi Geri (Jump Kick) (Forward and Side Kick)
Sukui Geri (Scooping Kick)
Ken (Fists)
Koppo Ken (Bone Principle Fist)
Shikan Ken (Extended Knuckle Fist)

San Shin no Kata (Elemental Forms)
Ku no Kata (Void Form)
Kihon Happo (Fundamental 8 Techniques)
Koshi Kihon Sanpo
Torite Goho Gata
Omote Gyaku Ken Sabaki Gata (Outside Reversal Fist Evasion Form)
Tehodoki (Wrist and Arm Escapes)
Tai hodoki (Body Escape)
Bear Hug Escapes
Nage Waza (Throwing Techniques)
Osoto Nage (Major Outer Throw)

Kyusho (Pressure Points)
Hoshi (Tendon right behind the elbow)
Tenmon (Bridge of the nose)

Zanshin (Awareness)
Quiet sitting with eyes closed: 4 mins.

Nature Skills
First Aid
Name 5 local natural hazards. (Plant, animal, or insect)
Gather and eat 3 local wild edibles, leafy greens.
Demonstrate rolling over natural landscape.
Time, Space, and Energy
Meet a tree (Blind folded exercise)

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