Ninja Youth (Ages 7 and Up) - Shodan - 10th Level

Learn The Art of the Ninja With Your Kids

  • Taught by Ninjutsu 15th Dan Shihan Mark Roemke.
  • Designed for kids 7 years and older.
  • Graduate to Ninja Adult Course after completing this series.

Junan Taiso (Body Conditioning)
Push-ups: 40
Sit-ups: 40
Flutter Kicks: 40
Ups and Down: 30
Jumping Jacks: 30
Wall Squats: 1 min. Unassisted Squat Hold: 1 min.
Tiger Crawl: 2X across dojo
Tiger Crawl Moving Backward 2X across Dojo
Belly Crawl: 2X across dojo
Belly Crawl Moving Backward 2X across Dojo
Tai Jutsu (Body Skills)
Tobi (Leaping and Jumping)
Kaiten (Rolling)
Tai Sabaki (Body Evasion)
Aruki (Walking)
Shoten no Jutsu (Ascending to Heaven)
Noburi Gata (Climbing Techniques)
Ukemi (Breakfall)
Ken Tai Ichi Jo (The Body and Fist Move as One)
Kamae (Postures)

Dakentaijutsu and Jujitsu (Striking, Blocking, and Grappling)
Ken (Fists)
San Shin no Kata (Element Forms)
Kihon Happo (Fundamental 8 Techniques)
Koshi Kihon Sanpo
Torite Goho Gata
Tehodoki (Wrist and Arm Escapes)
Tai hodoki (Body Escapes)
Nage Waza (Throwing Techniques)
Tomoe Nage (Circle Throw)

Gyaku Waza (Reversal Techniques)
Oogyaku (Great Reversal)

Kyusho (Pressure Points)
Shichibatsu (Upper ridge of back hip)
Jinchu (Top of Philtrum, Valley between nose and upper lip)

Zanshin (Awareness)
Quiet sitting with eyes closed: 10+ mins.

Hanbo (3’ – 4’ Staff / Half-Staff)
Kamae (Postures)
Bo (6’ Staff / Full Staff)
Kamae (Postures)
Katana (Samurai Sword)
Kamae (Postures)
Sword Form
Kusai Fundo (3’ Chain or Rope)
Handing a bladed weapon to others
Walking or running with blades
Nine basic cuts (same as sword)
Defense against knife
Volunteer to prep cook with knife.

Nature Skills
First Aid
Time, Space, and Energy

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Ninja Kids

Waza (Fighting Forms)
Gyokko-Ryu Kosshijutsu (The Jeweled Tiger School)
Dashin (Shaking Fist)
Uke starts in left Shoshin no Kamae with the short sword and steps forward with a chudan Tsuki. Beginning in left Ichimonji no Kamae evade to the left and grab the right wrist of the attacker with your left hand. Strike the bak of Uke’s hand with a right Shuto releasing the knife from Uke’s hand. Uke foloows up with a left Sokuyaku Ken to the Gorin. Kick under Uke’s leg attacking the Kobura. Bring the hands together at Uke’s captured right hand and rotate counterclockwise and take Uke down with an Omote Gyaku throw.

Fuu (Omnipresent Wind)
Uke starts in Dai Jodan no Kamae with a Katana and cuts down wih a Shoman Uchi. Starting in left Ichimonji no Kamae, evade forward and to the left. Grab the sword handle from above with your right hand and simultaneously strike with a left Ura Shuto to Uke’s Jinchu. Quickly put your left hand on the top of the sword handle and step to the right while stripping the sword by pulling up. Switch grip s on the sword and cut with Do Giri to Uke.

Koto-Ryu Koppojutsu (The Tiger Knocking Down School)
Ura Nami (Tidal Wave)
Uke does a right then a left Jodan Tsuki. Do a left Jodan Uke with no movement and then do a Yoko Aruki to the left while keeping the left hand with Uke’s first strike. And do a right Jodan Uke as Uke walks in. Kick Uke’s right ankle to sweep Uke’s leg away as he walks in. Strike with a Koppo Ken to Uke’s Hadome with the Yoko Aruki.
Katamaki (One Side Wrap)
Uke does a right Jodan Tsuki. Step to the right and do a left Jodan Uke. Uke then strikes with a left Jodan Tsuki. Slide your right foot back and do a Jodan Uke and drop this into a Musha Dori to Uke’s left arm. Step in with the left foot and apply the lock and strike with a left Boshi Ken to Uke’s Butsumetsu.

Togakure-Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu (The Hidden Door School)
Kata-maki (Single Hand Convolution)
Uke throws a right Jodan Tsuki. Strike to Uke’s Hoshi with the left fist. Uke then strikes with a left fist. With body movement get a hold around Uke’s left fist allowing it to slide into the armpit. With a forward-swinging movement of the body strike into Uke’s Shito Ken at Uke’s left Koe. As Uke falls take the reversal on Uke’s left arm and strike with a Sokki Ken to Uke’s left Uko.

Ana-Otoshi (Hole Drop)
Uke grabs with both hands to your collars. Strike Uke with a left fist to the Asagasumi. Deliver a left Sokuyaku Ken strike to Uke’s left Sai sweeping Uke’s legs and dropping Uke to the ground