$10.00 / month with 1 day free trial

PNT Basics and Intermediate Family Membership

Monthly subscription for our white to black belt family training program for Basics and Intermediate Levels. Access live online classes each week with Dai Shihan Mark Roemke and the Pathways Dojo staff.


Sensei Roemke and staff lead students through monthly curriculum for our ninjutsu training (the art of the ninja). Earn rank every three months and promote to a new belt level. Classes are separated into Basics, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels. All new students begin with Basics and can then move up to Intermediate and Advanced following belt promotion. Classes are 45 minutes each and happen weekly Tuesday through Saturday. All classes are via Zoom. Students have access to all recorded Zoom classes for each quarterly training.

Weekly Times For Classes (note all times are in Pacific Standard Time):
Basics: Wednesday 4:30 pst, Friday 4 pm pst, Saturday 9 am pst
Intermediate: Tuesdays: 2 pm pst, Thursdays 2 pm pst, Saturday 9 am
Advanced: Sunday 3 pm pst