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In ancient times Qigong was called "the method to eliminate diseases and prolong life".

Self-controlled Qigong therapy is a method to regulate, improve, and heal the body's function through Qigong practice. Medical Qigong practice depends greatly on the practitioner's subjective initiative. It views the various parts of the human body as a whole, emphasizing the inner factors, taking both motion and quiescence into consideration, making the diagnosis and giving treatment on the basis of an overall analysis of the illness and of the patient's condition. It also emphasizes: organically combining mental daoyin, postural daoyin, and breathing daoyin, proceeding from the easy to the difficult and from the exterior to the interior, progressing step by step in an orderly way and practicing assiduously and perseveringly so as to achieve the goal of training and fostering Qi, promoting the flow of internal Qi, maintaining a balance between yin and yang, dredging the channels and collaterals, regulating Qi and blood, treating diseases and protecting health, strengthening the body and prolonging life....

[excerpts above from the editor's notes in "Chinese Qigong Therapy", Shandong Science and Technology Press]

Material will include:

  • “Reeling and pulling silk exercises.” or Tendon and ligament streching
  • “Band warming exercises” or joint rotation
  • “Taoist five” or “Five Element Qigong” are internal organ exercises for the heart, lung, liver, kidney, and spleen.
  • Buddhist Plum Blossom Iron Shirt training including
  • Fusion of the five gates
  • Fusion of the five sides
  • Turtle and water buffalo
  • Phoenix spreads wings
  • Iron bridge bar

These exercises condition the body for health and combat.

Check out our Bujinkan Classes!
Check out our Bujinkan Classes!

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