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Translated as — Warrior God Training Hall, Perseverance Art

The Bujinkan organization was founded by Soke Masaaki Hatsumi in the early 1970’s as a way to integrate 9 separate Japanese combat systems that are based on historical Samurai and Ninjutsu schools. This hybrid system is sometimes called Bujinkan Budō Taijutsu (Warrior God Training Hall, Martial Way, Body Art).

Aspects of hand-to-hand combat skills, weapon skills, awareness training, and war strategy of the Japanese warriors is taught in all classes. At advanced levels individual exploration into the separate Japanese combat systems of Bujinkan and warrior craft from around the world is encouraged.

A full curriculum is available for the adult, youth programs (ages 8-14) and kids programs (ages 4-7).

Mark Roemke - Head Instructor

Known for his contagious positive energy and enthusiasm to live life to the fullest, Sensei Mark Roemke has been passionate about martial arts since before he started formal training at age 7.

As a youngster he was the New York State Tae Kwon Do champion and began study of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu as a young adult. He currently holds a 15th Dan rank with a license to teach from Grand Master Masaaki Hatsumi. Sensei Roemke believes strongly in keeping an open mind when it comes to martial arts training. As a result, he continues to learn new techniques and styles whenever possible.

His open minded “no ego” philosophy has enabled him to study extensively in numerous other martial arts including Enshin Itto Ryu Battojutsu (the art of sword drawing and cutting), Kenpo Kung Fu, DeCuerdas Eskrima, Seibukan Jujutsu and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. As an instructor, Sensei Roemke has a gift for conveying the knowledge and learning skills he’s acquired through decades of enthusiastic study and training.

Those who know Sensei Roemke will tell you that he is always stoked with a true passion for learning, sharing and life in general. Most recently, through a cooperative effort with a community of gifted mentors who share Sensei Roemke’s belief that connecting people, especially children, to nature is key, the 18 “lost” skills of the Ninja are now being taught at Pathways Dojo and in our abundant natural surroundings.

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