Ninjas in Nature Kids

Ninjas in Nature

Over the years we have heard people say...

"I want more than the superficial skills offered by most dojos out there"
"I want to become fully engaged and deeper connected to the world around me"
"I want to learn survival skills and how to thrive in the natural world"
"I want to turn all my senses fully on"
"I want to optimize my full human potential"

We have the tools and techniques that could help. Within the tradition of Ninjutsu, there are 18 nature-based arts. These skills are grounded in the natural world, and include techniques in camouflage, tracking, plant knowledge, concealment, stealthy movement, and many more. Our intention is to reclaim these skills as part of the complete training in the art of Ninjutsu.

These tools are the "lost arts”of Ninjutsu and are found by reconnecting Ninjas to nature. We welcome you to join us on this path.

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