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Upcoming Event: Kyudo Demonstration

Special Kyudo Demonstration at Pathways Dojo
Special Kyudo Demonstration at Pathways Dojo




Pathways Dojo is now a Gracie Garage!


Classes starting in 2015!

We're listening to you and offering new ways for you to train in multiple arts.

Check out the schedule!

Wlecome to Pathways Dojo . . .

Here at Pathways Dojo we accept both the martial arts and the healing arts as equally valid paths to self-improvement and personal development.   Every individual is encouraged to cultivate the ways of both warrior and healer as complements to each other and to the whole. This holistic approach nurtures more confident, compassionate, and well-rounded people.


Recent Events:

 Sheila Haddad Women's Self Defense Seminar
This was an awesome seminar and we will be doing it again. 
Please contact us if you are interested in hearing about the next one.