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Pathways Dojo has a New Home - View full size
Pathways Dojo has a New Home

The Dojo has moved . . .




Ninjas in Nature Summer Camp Coming Up!

An in depth exploration of the seldom taught nature skills of the ninja in an amazing outdoor space in the Santa Cruz mountains!

Pathways Dojo Ninjas in Nature Summer Camp

Another Ultimate Ninja - Youth Day

Bring the entire family for a great day exploring the seldom taught nature skills of the ninja in an amazing outdoor space in the Santa Cruz mountains!  Don't forget this event is also a Forest Friends Day - get a friend to sign up and get one of our new dojo t-shirts free!


Here's what was said about our first Ultimate Ninja day: 

“Thank you so very much for hosting this program. We enjoyed our time with you all so


“Trying all the activities in rotation with the children made me realize some of my own

inner limitations and how I can overcome them. I enjoyed having the opportunity to spend

time with my friend doing something new and unusual, and we both felt enriched by the

experience and continued to talk about it for the rest of the day.”

“I appreciate the way my daughter, who was extremely reluctant to participate up until

the moment she stepped out of the car and saw the free-range horse, immediately felt at

ease and willingly joined the activities. She was comfortable and confident, and

completely engaged.”

“My youngest also thoroughly enjoyed the program. He loved covering his face in charcoal

and hiding in the woods. The outdoor setting was the perfect space for his enthusiasm

and activity level. I thought it was great that he had his own group of younger students

and I appreciate how safe and included he felt surrounded by unfamiliar peers and


“Everything about our afternoon in the woods was delightful. There was something for

each of us to enjoy learning, and we all left feeling completely engaged by and at peace

with the program. Your instructors were amazing, and the setting is stunning. Thank you

for a truly enlightening experience.”


New Seminar Series at Pathways Dojo

Medicine, Magic and Martial Arts

 Pathways Monthly QiGong 

These monthly courses are an introductory inquiry into ancient self preservation, healing and philosophical techniques for life. Every month is a new opportunity to learn new skills and techniques.  

The series continues on Saturday, June 6th, 2015 from 1:00-4:00 pm at Pathways Dojo  


PRICE: $64 per class

 The second class in the series includes: 

Beginning Qi Gong and Martial Traumatology



         Qi gong theory the 1-10 meditation

  1. Taoist Five review - five element yin and yang organ exercises
  2. Chinese patent medicine - trauma formulas
  3. Introduction to fullbody movement (taijutsu) stepping pattern
  4. Plum Blossom Iron Shirt Training
  5. Beating and Drumming Qi
  6. Buddhist Prayer Posture
  7. Ba I-Chuan Postures



Pathways Dojo is now a

Gracie Certified Training Center!



Check out our Bullyproof program for kids and

Gracie Combatives for adults.  

Women's Self-Defense classes starting soon!

Check out the schedule!

Wlecome to Pathways Dojo . . .

Here at Pathways Dojo we accept both the martial arts and the healing arts as equally valid paths to self-improvement and personal development.   Every individual is encouraged to cultivate the ways of both warrior and healer as complements to each other and to the whole. This holistic approach nurtures more confident, compassionate, and well-rounded people.


Recent Events:

 Sheila Haddad Women's Self Defense Seminar
This was an awesome seminar and we will be doing it again. 
Please contact us if you are interested in hearing about the next one.