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Pathways Ninja Training

Our online monthly White to Black Belt family ninjutsu training course for ages 7 and up.

FREE 7 Day Trial!

One membership is good for an entire house of ninjas. Train live online with our Pathways Dojo Staff including Dai Shihan Mark Roemke weekly for Basics, Intermediate, and Advanced classes. Belt testing and promotion occurs every three months. Students submit videos to Pathways Dojo staff for review for testing. Students must complete Basics level (9th and 8th kyu) before attending Intermediate classes. Students enter Advanced Classes upon earning 4th kyu. Members receive access to all zoom class recordings for the current quarter.

Class Schedule (note all times are in Pacific Time Zone)

Note- All students start with our Basics classes. Students must earn 8th kyu (minimum 6 months) before attending Intermediate classes. Students must earn 4th kyu (18 months minimum) before attending advanced classes.

Tuesdays: 4:30 pm Intermediate (with Dai Shihan Mark Roemke)

Wednesdays: 4:30 pm Basics

Thursdays: 2 pm Intermediate

Fridays: 4 pm Basics (with Dai Shihan Mark Roemke)

Saturdays: 9 am Basics and Intermediate Review

Ninja Training TV Live

Twice per week online advanced adult training with Dai Shihan Mark Roemke following his ninjatrainingtv.com curriculum.

FREE 7 Day Trial!

Train live with Sensei Roemke, request skills, and receive feedback. Content for each class is based on student request. Members receive access to zoom class recording for each quarter.

Class Schedule (note all times are in Pacific Time Zone)

Tuesdays: 5:30 pm

Fridays: 3 pm